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​Predation is not only a problem from wolves and mountain lions, in the west
Coyotes, Bobcats, foxes and raccoons cause lots of damage to our wildlife each year.

There are studies that show that a single coyote can kill more than 20 fawns per year. This hits even harder on high fence ranches as the deer really cant relocate.  And even worse when new genetics are brought in as a lot of time these deer are semi tame. Coyotes also do a lot of damage to quail populations especially when nesting.

Bobcats also hit the deer population hard taking their share of fawns and have no problem taking down a full-grown deer, and are hard on the quail population also

Although fox are not known to have an affect on deer population they do there share on the quail, turkey and bird especially in the spring with young birds and eggs.

Raccoons don’t affect the deer population but also are hard on the quail, turkey and bird population especially when these birds are nesting.

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